Monday, 22 February 2016

The Salon of Rejects - comics by Michael Lomon, Mhairi Braden, Ross Mackintosh, Myfanwy Tristram, Sarah Ushurhe and Tom Plant

Apparently the comics in this anthology were all entries that failed to win the Cape/Comica/Observer Graphic Short Story competition - the creators decided to band together to put their ideas into print anyway. For the full story behind this book and the choice of title go to Myfanwy Tristram's blog.

I admire the spirit of the creators and I'm impressed by the production quality of  this 28 page book. The stories are all quite different, each fascinating in its own way.

I particularly enjoyed Myfanwy's take on the complexities of parenting a daughter - Giddy Heights. I'm hoping to see more of Dermis Pearl by Sarah Ushurhe, I feel that this is an idea that could be developed further and the artwork is beautiful.

The book can be bought on this link.

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