Saturday, 19 December 2015

The Inflatable Woman - a graphic novel by Rachael Ball

This story first appeared on Tumblr and it is interesting to go back to it, now that I have the book, to see how it evolved and for the early sketches of the main character, Iris.

"Inflatable woman" refers to a pre-reconstruction procedure that Iris has after a mastectomy but the story is mainly a surreal take on her emotional journey as she comes to terms with the possibility of dying from (or surviving) breast cancer.

It's tremendously funny and charming, Iris is a zoo-keeper who has "raised very polite monkeys" and a rabble of penguins. There are wonderful characters such as Maud, Suggs and a variety of doctors and nurses including the tiny but scary Nurse Bobby. The story addresses Iris's darker moments through her dreams and her attempt to have a relationship with a man met online.

I can't recommend this book enough - for the characters, the drawings and the way it is constructed but also for it's message to embrace life and live your dreams. Go to Rachael Ball's Tumblr to find out more