Saturday, 20 June 2015

Comics for children - Vern and Lettuce by Sara McIntyre

Vern and Lettuce comic strips have been collected into a book and printed by DFC.
The first stories are standalone but the second half is a series about "Lettuce and Vern's Pop at Fame".
Last week I started up a lunchtime comics club for children in a south London primary school.

Each half term I'm going to be taking a different group of kids through the processes of creating characters, settings, story lines and comic strips. But perhaps most important for their comics education I will be showing them a range of comics and graphic novels suitable for their age group.

I'm looking forward to my current group's reaction to Vern and Lettuce by Sarah McIntyre next week. It is a collection of stories about a sheep and a rabbit, best friends who live in Pickle Rye. The settings have a real south London flavour and the characters are totally believeable as locals. I've already shown the kids a photocopy of one of the pages (I had too much to carry the first week to include a whole book) and they went completely quiet, this, I am learning, is how they demonstrate their greatest enjoyment – total concentration.

Sarah McIntyre has a wonderful website for kids, it's full of free activity sheets and information about her stories: