Sunday, 2 November 2014

Emily Carroll - webcomics, book and UK events

More information is available on the Simon & Schuster website.
Emily Carroll is one of my favourite webcomic artists - partly because I love her stories but also because of the way she uses the medium. In her latest comic When the Darkness Presses she increases tension with her page designs, illustrations and page turns - as the plot builds it takes courage to scroll or click through to the next bit of the tale. She never overplays her storytelling, it gradually unfurls and a lot is left to the imagination. My experience is that her stories have a tendency to haunt the imagination for a long time.

So I am delighted to know that she has published a book with the wonderful title of Through the Woods and she is coming to the UK to promote it. From what I understand Through the Woods is mostly new stories but also contains one of her scariest webcomics His Face all Red, I will be interested to see how this story has been adapted.

Emily will be signing Through the Woods at Gosh Comics in London on November 17. On November 18 she will be in conversation with Isabel Greenberg (another wonderful graphic novelist) at the British Library as part of the Comica Festival.

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