Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Alternative Press Takeover 2014

The Alternative Press Takeover was held last Saturday at the wonderful Bishopsgate Institute near Liverpool Street Station in London.

From the Alternative Press website:
"In the first event of its kind, AP will be bringing the small press to a new audience – championing zine-making and DIY alongside radical publishing and bookselling."

I arrived an hour after the event had started and it was already becoming busy, my impression from Twitter later that day is that it was regarded as a success by the people selling their zines. I hope this is true because I'd like to go along again next year to buy more stuff.

Because of other commitments I had a limited amount of time and since then have become aware of what I missed out on but I am very pleased with what I bought:

Book 1 of The Black Project by Gareth Brookes
The Black Project is now an award winning graphic novel published by Myriad Editions but started its life as a series of zines - this is the first of them. Gareth uses a combination of embroidery and lino cut in his artwork - it is wonderful stuff.

Part 1 of Hundred Metre Garden by Elliot Baggott
A complete version of this story is due to be published by Great Beast Comics in Autumn 2014. Elliot did a beautiful drawing for me (the bloke in the onesie was drawn while I watched) in this limited edition zine printed for the event.

The Snow Queen and other stories by Isabel Greenberg
A glossy and beautifully made zine printed by Great Beast Comics. There is a humour and a charm about Isabel's work that is appealing to all ages. She is the creator of The Encyclopedia of Early Earth recently published by Jonathan Cape.

At the End of your Garden and Food Dudes by Lizz Lunney
Lizz Lunney is very funny on Twitter, I've been wanting to get some of her zines for ages so am very pleased to finally own a couple. The zines are as amusing as her tweets, I will definitely be looking out for more of her work. You can see some of it on her website.

The Beast Issue by Tiny Pencil
As with the first two issues of Tiny Pencil this anthology zine contains extremely high quality pencil work and is beautifully produced. If you are a fan of zines, illustrations or pencils have a look at the Tiny Pencil's fabulous website.

There is something very special about zines, they are mostly handmade and you can sense the care put into them by their creators. If you haven't been to this kind of event before do give it a try, you can't beat buying zines directly from the person that made them.