Friday, 1 November 2013

Comics are my Rock and Roll - a documentary by Daniel James Baldwin

Just a screen shot - click here to see the real thing.
At the time of writing this post the documentary is still under production. There is a Kickstarter campaign currently achieving £1,350 of the £3,000 required to finish the film. Daniel James Baldwin says:
There is one last push needed to finish the film, which will probably have a final run time of c. 30 mins. The money pledged to me will be used for the final processes the film needs to go through that will transform the look and feel of it, making it broadcast quality: Grading the colour (c. £1000) mixing the sound (c. £1000), creating a website for the film (c. £500) and finally, paying for the submission of the film to as many festivals as possible in a bid to try and get it shown alongside other great documentaries on cinema screens (no matter how small or parochial!) around the world. This costs around £20 per submission.
I haven't met anyone involved in the documentary and have not yet been to an Alternative Press event but I was taken by Daniel's statement below as I think it encapsulates a lot of what is going on in the world of comics:
[The documentary is] about something that's popular the world over (self-publishing) and not popular enough (doing things for love, not money).
Making money seems to be a by-product (if any money is made at all) rather than an incentive for comics creators. Perhaps many of them dream of making enough to live on as this would enable them to give up their day jobs and devote more time to their creations but lack of financial gain does not stop them putting together their stories. There is something wonderful about this.

Do help Daniel achieve his funding if you can. As little as £3 will get you a pdf of a comic telling the story of how the documentary was made, the treats for pledging more are even better - £30 gets you the opportunity to go to a private screening!

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