Monday, 10 June 2013

Nina Burrowes - The Cartooning Psychologist

Since becoming a parent I have had a lot of contact with doctors, hospital consultants and psychologists. This is because of my daughter's various conditions and difficulties (nothing that is life threatening, just complicated). There are many appointments of course but there are also phone calls and exchanges of letters, reports and emails to discuss her progress. In order to make sure that she has the assessments and treatments she needs I have had to learn to communicate effectively with the people who are expert in her problems and to try not to be in awe of them.

Though she is not involved in my daughter's treatment, cartooning practitioners like Nina Burrowes help all patients and their families by providing a glimpse of the thoughts and feelings behind the professional exteriors, reminding us that they too are human. I've taken the title for this post from Nina's website - she is just that - a "cartooning psychologist".

Nina writes about learning to draw on her website and there are also three chapters of her work in progress On Being Me. She is currently developing a new project - a book based on her research report that "tells the story of a group of women who have experienced rape and sexual abuse". Nina is currently raising money via crowdfunding to finance the book which "will be a great resource to other survivors of abuse". To find out more about this book and to donate click here. Nina is also looking for six illustrators for the book click here for more information about this.

Nina is one of a growing number of doctors, psychologists and patients using comics and cartoons as a means of discussing healthcare and professional practice. More information is available on the Graphic Medicine website.