Monday, 29 April 2013

Tiny Pencil - an anthology of pencil art edited by Amber Hsu and Katriona Chapman

Tiny Pencil held the launch of their first issue into the woods we go at Gosh! comics and it truly felt like those of us fortunate enough to be there were witnessing the beginning of something very special.

Tiny Pencil is an anthology of pencil art put together by founders and editors Amber Hsu and Katriona Chapman. Amber and Katriona are both talented artists, their work appears in the first issue along with a diverse selection of art from equally wonderful creators. From their submission guidelines: "We like work that is unusual, atmospheric, funny, weird, dark, evocative, fantastical, and we like work that tells a story. We are also big fans of comics and think they look really cool when they are done in pencil."

The anthology is beautifully designed and printed. The artwork is mainly greyscale with just a tiny hint of colour here and there. A true celebration of the possibilities of the pencil. In their own words "Celebrating all things graphite, Tiny Pencil is an anthology artzine and forum devoted to the lead arts." It is to be published twice a year and copies can be bought online.

Note for pencil artists: the launch of Tiny Pencil was sponsored by Derwent Pencils who had flyers about their fab new competition the Derwent Art Prize. The deadline is July 1 2013 and it is open to anyone over 18 anywhere in the world. Quick, grab your pencils and get scribbling!


  1. Cool! I would love to see them include the detailed pencilwork Debi Gliori does for each of her books before she makes a coloured version. Off to see how I can get a copy.

  2. Oops! I forgot to include a link to the online shop. Will edit my post now.