Sunday, 31 March 2013

Britten & Brülightly - a graphic novel by Hannah Berry

It was interesting to see the impact on the crowd when Hannah Berry quietly walked into the room at a Laydeez do Comics event and took a seat at the back. A trail of whispers followed her - Hannah Berry, Hannah Berry - I wonder if she knew the effect she had on everyone? Clearly she is held in high regard by comic and graphic novel creators (Laydeez do Comics attracts many of these people) and rightly so.

Britten & Brülightly is a wonderful read: quirky, dark and mysterious. The point of view of the illustrations swoops around the action and pokes into shady corners like a film noir camera and this style suits the murder / blackmail / revenge plot perfectly. Having said that I can't remember any film in that genre with anyone quite like Brülightly - I think it is worth getting hold of a copy of this book just to find out about this unusual character.

I must admit that I got a little lost in the storyline of Britten & Brülightly occasionally but it didn't matter, the strength of the imagery and characterization pull you through.

For a small taste of Hannah Berry's work go to her blog to download the first part of her new graphic novel Adamtine for free.

Breaking news! Britten & Brülightly #2 is underway. Go to Hannah's blog to read the synopsis.

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