Thursday, 17 January 2013

Comics & Sequential Art – a guide by Will Eisner

Will Eisner is one of my favourite graphic novelists. He was born in 1917 and lived in New York until his death in 2005. He was amazingly profilic, you can read about his comics and books on his website and I will post about my favourite Will Eisner graphic novel A Family Matter another day.

Comics & Sequential Art is based on a course that Will Eisner taught at New York's School of Visual Art and is a wonderful guide for anyone who, like me, is interested in making comics. It is simple enough for anyone just starting out but I think it would also suit those who are more experienced. The book breaks down Will Eisner's highly individual approach to storytelling and page design, I am a huge fan of the way he would lay out a page of panels – genius! It is also a great opportunity to look at the range of his work and find out more about him as well.


  1. Thanks for your great blog Amanda!
    I've not seen the latest expanded edition of this Eisner book. Must check it out! Have you used the Scott McCloud books at all?

  2. Thanks Bridget.
    Yes I have seen Scott McCloud's books but I don't own one - a serious gap in my collection! I've just found him on Twitter and he has a great website that I'll be dipping into later.