Saturday, 29 December 2012

Sarah and the Seed – an online comic by Ryan Andrews

I have a great deal of affection for Sarah and the Seed. Not only is this story beautifully drawn and told but it was also the first online comic I saw and it was such a revelation – I had no idea that such wonderful things existed on the internet and for free too!

I love Sarah's expression in the frame above – it captures so many of her feelings.

Sarah and the Seed is the poignant story of an elderly childless couple who wish for a family. When Sarah announces that she is pregnant and then gives birth to a seed that she plants in their garden Aaron fears that his wife may have been driven mad by her desperation for a baby... but then Aaron's anxious support of Sarah's charmingly dotty optimism pays off. Read the full story here.

Ryan Andrews is immensely talented and imaginative – there are several more comics on his website and he also has a blog in which he goes into a lot of detail about his work practices. I'll be looking out for more of his work in the future.

Both images have been used here with the kind permission of Ryan Andrews.

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